About Swiftline

Led by a veteran team of ecommerce and fintech operators, Swiftline aims to provide your ecommerce business with a suite of tools and applications to propel it forward. Swiftline provides solutions and partners with leading platforms to further boost your company’s financial health, outrun your competition, raise capital, and explore exit opportunities.

SWIFTLINE Leadership Team

The Swiftline team are proven ecommerce operators and investment experts from some of the world’s leaders in ecommerce. We represent decades of experience in ecommerce, business growth, and fintech.

With firsthand knowledge of the marketplace landscape, we have guided and funded thousands of online marketplace sellers to success. As experts who understand the challenges of managing an ecommerce business, we are here to accelerate yours.

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Ari Horowitz

Chairman & CEO


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Tomo Matsuo

President & COO


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Anthony Johnson



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Seth Broman



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Peter Monaco

Board Member, Raptor Group


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Bo Peabody

Board Member, Greycroft


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Teddy Wasserman

Board Member, Cloverhill Group


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Jim Pallotta

Advisory Board, Raptor Group


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Jim Phillips

VP Charm.io


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Kamen Madjarov

VP Data Science


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